zondag 17 mei 2015

Pride & Rainbows

May 16th was the 20th edition of the Pride in Brussels.
It's been several years that we attended & also this year we didn't make it.
But to be there in spirit I made miss Wonder a twirl skirt. I used the Gemini-pattern by Sofilantjes, but made it a single layered skirt. Because I didn't have enough rainbow fabric I had to be creative. I made it in 4 pieces.

 I made the seams sideways (so 2 in the front peace en 2 in the back piece, but not in the middle)

Little miss Miracle was jealous & asked a rainbow skirt as well. Lacking enough scraps of the fabric to make a fitted Gemini-skirt, I thought the Liv-skirt would fit her great. And I was right! :)
I've made the Liv-skirt before, but I absolutely adore this one because of the great fabric!

Fabric: Znok (webshop Cas&Nina)
Patterns: Gemini-skirts & Liv-skirt by Sofilantjes

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